How To Properly Grind Green Coffee Beans

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When it comes to coffee flavor, air is its worst enemy.  When the coffee is being grind and the air comes in contact with it, they will begin to lose their flavor.  This is the reason why coffee manufacturers vacuum seal their grinds before sending them to the stores.

To get the best coffee flavor, it is best to buy green coffee beans and grind them yourself.  Some people think grinding them is simply putting the coffee beans in the machine and pressing the start button.  However, it’s more to that if you want the best tasting coffee.  Below are some helpful tips to get the best tasting coffee.

Depending on what type of coffee you get, it will require different types of grinds.  If you plan on brewing coffee with a percolator or a French Press coffee maker, then you’ll need a coarser grind.  Simply place the coffee beans in the machine and tap the grind button a few times.  The goal is to just break the beans up so they look like tiny coffee bean.

Automatic drip coffee makers are best used with medium grinds.  Most of the coffee products sold at your local supermarket will comes as medium grinds.  Once again, put the coffee beans in the machine and hold the grinding button for about 20 seconds.  You don’t want to grind too much that look like fine powder.  The result should be almost like sand.

The last is fine powdery grinds and these are used for espresso maker.  You will want to grind the coffee beans until there’s no pieces of coffee beans left.  With this type of grind, you can grind for as long as you want.

Grinding your own coffee beans is the surest way to getting the freshest cup of coffee each morning.  However, a fresh cup of coffee can still be weak and bitter.  This is why learning how to grind your coffee beans is important to the overall taste.

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